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Books to share with a new big brother or sister

The Great Kate Wait is over… Yes, a new princess has made her first public appearance.

But what about Prince George? Let’s not forget about him… He might be the best dressed at the park as well as having all the toys he could ever desire but he’s still a toddler. And firstborns are prone to jealousy when there’s a new baby in the palace.  Even little royals are allowed to stamp their feet and demand attention from time to time.

So what is the best way to help a new big brother or sister prepare for a new arrival? Reading books before the birth can really help a toddler understand the changes about to take place. And once baby does arrive, story time is the perfect way to cuddle up with your toddler, enjoying precious bonding time while baby naps. Plus it’s a great way for mum to relax too - we know mums need a quiet moment or two after a sleepless night!

Here are our favourite books to share with your toddler:

There’s a House Inside My Mummy available in paperback and as board

A rhyming classic from Giles Andreae. Told from a small boys point of view, this simple story perfectly captures those sweet pregnancy moments ‘tummy telephone’ anyone? The common side effects of pregnancy are revealed (food cravings, tiredness) helping to ease a little one’s anxieties.

Baby on Board  by Kes Gray

Watch baby grow inside mummy’s tummy month by month – at one month, baby is just a blob, at two months, he’s half a piece of chewing gum long! Told from a child’s perspective, it’s the perfect read for a brother or sister in waiting.

 The Royal Baby by Tony Bradman, illustrated by Tony Ross

A charming story that captures the joy and excitement of a new baby (whether they’re royal or not!). Everyone speculates about the attributes of the impending arrival and the idea that all babies are unique is explored.

Baggy Brown and the Royal Baby by Mick Inkpen

This classic story by the wonderful Mick inkpen celebrates royal babies and priceless teddy bears. It tells the story of Baggy Brown, originally created for Princess Sophinyiniannia, who falls off the conveyor belt and find a home with Alfie. Plenty of ‘aww’ moments for you and your child.